Our NEW product RunningMate is live and ready to change the game for campaigns forever.

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Drive Progressive Change with RunningMate

Civitech’s RunningMate is your ultimate technology partner, offering the essential tools and data for your campaign’s success. Starting at just $75/month, it's an affordable solution for any campaign.


What is RunningMate?

RunningMate is a powerful campaign tool with a suite of advanced features designed to give your campaign a strategic advantage.

  • Executive Dashboard: Visualize your district to enhance your campaign strategy, enabling more effective planning and field operations.
  • Interactive Map: Drill down from district to household level to precisely target outreach by revealing political leanings and other key demographic information.
  • Data Aggregation and Integration: Seamlessly combine data from various sources for a comprehensive view of your campaign landscape. Leverage scoring and tagging for deeper insights, and import donors, volunteers, and more to create custom lists.
  • Identify Supporters: Utilize powerful filters to target both registered and unregistered progressive voters, enabling you to focus your efforts on supporters and maximize impact and resources.
  • Goal Tracker: Keep track of your campaign's progress with a comprehensive view of your support universe, monitoring pursuasion and engagement metrics as you work toward your win number.
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RunningMate is your strategic advantage.

Tailored specifically for Democratic and progressive campaigns, RunningMate maximizes impact and effectiveness, enabling you to reach progressive voters with the right message.

Watch the video to learn more.

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Why choose RunningMate?

  • Affordable: Starting at just $75/month, it's a cost-effective solution for campaigns of any size.
  • Strategic: Detailed district data for precise targeting and efficient resource allocation.
  • Actionable: Set and track achievable goals with Goal Tracker.
  • Flexible: Compatible with existing tools like VAN, expaning your campaign's capabilities.
  • Transformational: Reach and register unregistered voters, helping to expand the progressive electorate.
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RunningMate simplifies the path to victory for political candidates and makes it more affordable to run for office. With subscriptions starting at just $75 a month, RunningMate is affordable and accessible for campaigns of any size. Minimum subscription term: 3 months.

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