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Affordable, up-to-date data for civic engagement and grassroots organizing

Resource allocation is crucial for any voter registration or turnout campaign. By combining data modeling and smart targeting decisions, you can meet your goals while staying within budget. Our Data toolset allows you to precisely choose your outreach targets, which results in better outcomes for the same cost as traditional methods.


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Success stories

Rust Belt Rising

"Civitech's Source file is the voter file that powers Rally, which makes it possible to know exactly who we are reaching and ensures we are accurately measuring against our goals. The nationwide voter file helps make our relational organizing more effective, targeted, and measurable."

Davis Leonard, CEO, Relentless

Relentless Engages Key Georgia Voters with Relational Organizing

Relentless sought to increase Democratic turnout through community and relational organizing with its flagship product, Rally. Relentless wanted an alternative to advertising and canvassing because many voters were unresponsive to traditional forms of political outreach.

In 2022, Relentless used Rally and Civitech's voter file called Source to run a relational organizing campaign where 1,481 community ambassadors encouraged 67,600 folks to vote for Senator Raphael Warnock in Georgia.

As a result of the success with Rally and Source in Georgia, Relentless adopted Source as the voter file for all of Rally’s programs nationally. 

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