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Voter Mail FAQ

I’m already registered to vote

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If you’ve received this mailing and believe you are already registered, we recommend verifying your registration with your current info and address. If you’ve confirmed your registration is current, you can disregard this mailing, as it may have been generated before our systems received the latest information for your voter registration.

The application has the wrong birthday

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We’re sorry for this error. You can correct the birthday by marking through the incorrect portion and adding your correct date of birth.

I received mail for a family member who doesn’t live there

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We apologize for the confusion if you received this mailing for a family member who doesn’t live with you. Public records have linked this person with your information, and our data reflected that the person might live with you and not be registered. Contact us, and provide the unsubscribe code found on your form. We will note that this person does not live with you and remove them from our mailing list.

I received mail for a deceased family member

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We apologize you received a voter registration form for a deceased family member. Please provide us with the unsubscribe code found on your mailing and we will note this to improve our systems in the future. Rest assured that it is not possible for someone to register on behalf of someone who is deceased since the voter registrar's office will verify the identity and eligibility of a voter before registering that person in the state. The requirements specific to your state can be found on the instructions on the back of the form.

Why did I receive a voter registration form with someone else’s name?

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We send out voter registration mailers to individuals who, based on public records, appear to be unregistered at their current address. If any of the information on the form does not apply to you or seems to be an error, you can discard the form. We would like to hear about these issues so we can give feedback to our team.

We are sincerely sorry for any confusion or inconvenience this has caused you.  We would like to do everything we can to help you get registered.

What should I do with the form addressed to someone who doesn't live here?

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If you received a form with incorrect information, and you are not registered to vote and live in the state the form is addressed to be returned to, you can still use this form by crossing out the current information and handwriting your info. 

If the form you received is addressed to a different state, you can recycle it, and if you need to register to vote, we can help you complete the process. 

How did you get my information?

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This mailing was produced using publicly available records to identify people who are likely unregistered at their current address.  

Privacy and accuracy of data are a top concern while producing mailings to help people get registered to vote. Our goal is to provide as much information as possible on the forms to make them easy to fill out accurately.

I want to be removed from all your mailing lists.

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We’re happy to ensure we do that with the information we currently have on file for you. Please contact us to be removed and include your unsubscribe code in the email.

Why are you mailing me or someone in my household?

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The people included in this mailing were selected because our public data indicates they were likely not registered at their current address. Voter registration is not as accessible as it could be, and direct mailings are an effective way to provide eligible citizens with a convenient way to register. If you would like to be removed from future mailings, please contact us and provide the unsubscribe code found in your letter.

Still have a question? Please email our support team at