Building a fairer and more equitable democracy

Civitech is committed to making democracy accessible to all Americans.

We build the technology infrastructure that helps Democratic political candidates win, progressive social causes succeed, and local governments better serve their community to create a fairer, more equitable democracy.

The Problem

Democracy in America is in trouble

Civitech seeks to combat two of the major challenges facing American democracy today. There are more than 500,000 elected offices in the United States, ranging from school boards and city councils to the presidency. Unfortunately, 75% of those races go uncontested each election cycle. 

The New American Majority will determine our country's future, but young people, people of color, and women are often systematically blocked from their right to vote. We are working to remove the barriers to voting to ensure that all Americans can freely participate in democracy. Plus, we need to elect officials who represent the diversity of our country.



Of all races for elected office go uncontested


Anti-voter bills were introduced in the United States in 2021


Of eligible voters nationwide are part of the New American Majority

Our Vision

A fair new democracy for all Americans

Society is more equitable when leaders at every level compete on ideas and values, not the size of their technical teams or how much they’ve fundraised. We envision a world where everyone has the equal opportunity to vote, run for office, and communicate with elected officials.


Our creative and hard-working team is dedicated to progressive change

At Civitech, we pride ourselves on our optimism while being aware of the structural barriers we face. We are hard-working and focused on building precise solutions, but excited about unconventional answers and creative ideas. We have built a team of talented engineers, organizers, artists, former candidates, marketers, voting rights experts, and campaign volunteers who bring their time and talents to this mission.

Let’s do big things together

Join the 500+ candidates, non-profits, and civic groups using Civitech to reach millions of voters across the US.

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