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Real texting conversations that win elections

TextOut can help you have effective conversations with voters at a fraction of the cost and time needed for traditional outreach. Our Standard plan gives you the power to manage your programs and volunteers in one easy-to-use platform. Turnkey is a full-service option where a team of SMS and MMS experts work with you to design and execute all aspects of your program based on your strategic goals. With pricing as low as 1¢ per text, texting outreach can fit into any organization or campaign budget!


Lasting partnerships that power democracy

TextOut has been trusted by hundreds of candidates and organizations across the U.S. since 2018.

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What is TextOut?

TextOut by Civitech is peer-to-peer texting software that allows organizations to reach voters and supporters about the issues that matter most, like abortion rights, gun violence, education, the economy, and more. Organizations have used TextOut to engage with their community on everything from COVID vaccination clinics to securing rides to the polls on Election Day. With hundreds of millions of texts sent across the US, we know that real conversations create transformative results.

TextOut is the ideal tool for a wide range of programs, including fundraising, listening campaigns, voter registration, vote by mail, GOTV and more.

Text Out

Real results for nonprofit organizations and campaigns



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Success stories

Katie Porter
Connecticut Democratic Party

In a district that had never voted a Democrat to Congress, Katie Porter was elected in 2018 with the help of TextOut.

Rep. Katie Porter

Katie Porter Wins in Historic Race as a First Time Candidate

After conducting peer-to-peer listening, persuasion, and mobilization text message campaigns with TextOut, Katie Porter, a law professor, attorney, single mother of three, and first-time candidate, was elected to Congress on November 6, 2018 by 3.4 points. Her 2018 win helped Democrats regain control of the House. 

Porter has since won reelection in 2020 and 2022. Throughout our collaboration with Porter’s campaigns, we’ve sent more than 782,000 texts to potential voters.

Why Choose TextOut?

We know you don’t have money, time, or volunteer capacity to waste during election season. Here’s why TextOut can help you reach your electoral goals as efficiently as possible:

  • Versatile: TextOut can be used for almost any campaign from fundraising to GOTV.
  • Transparent: No hidden costs per text 
  • Affordable: Pricing as low as 1¢ per text
  • Flexible: Hands-on or hands-off plans that meet your needs
  • Efficient: Save volunteer, staff, and candidate time

What is Turnkey?

If your organization is looking for a big time saver, consider Turnkey. A full-service option for texting, Turnkey includes a dedicated team to help you identify your goals and build your texting strategy. Plus, we write scripts, test your messaging, send and reply to texts, and manage backend data. While you collaborate with us throughout the process, the day-to-day management of the texting program falls to us, freeing you up for other important work. Check out our handy graphic for a detailed comparison of Turnkey and Standard. 

TextOut pricing as low as 1¢ VS Industry Average at 6¢

Let’s do big things together

Join the 500+ candidates, non-profits, and civic groups using Civitech to reach millions of voters across the US. 

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Comparing Turnkey and Standard

  Turnkey Standard
Simple interface
Easily manage and track your volunteers
Library of well-tested base scripts and workflows
Works with VAN/EveryAction and ActBlue
Automatic data tags ensure high levels of data quality
In-app checklist for 10DLC compliance 
Real-time dashboard reporting
PowerSend allows administrators to send initial outbound texts faster
Fully customizable auto-reply feature available for certain text responses
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) available
Civitech’s SMS experts design and execute all aspects of your program 
Custom texting script development
Civitech’s team of texters deliver messages and engage in rich conversations on your behalf

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