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Civitech builds the tools that make our democracy more accessible, equitable, and fair

We work with progressive candidates, organizations, and individuals to ensure more people can vote, more voters turn out, and everyone can have representation that reflects our country’s diversity. 

From tools that identify and register voters to those that ensure candidates and organizations can speak with supporters, Civitech believes that our democracy functions best when every step of our democratic process is easier and more transparent.

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Who We Are

Software and tools made by people with experience fighting for our democracy

We’re a team of activists and leaders, engineers and organizers, artists, and voting rights experts, all bringing our time and talents to the mission of empowering people in our democratic process.

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2022 Year in review

In 2022, Civitech provided the tools to reach 24 million potential voters

Working with our national partners, Civitech helped make strides for democracy by identifying potential unregistered voters, helping them register, and encouraging people to turn out to vote. We’re proud to say that we identified 44 million new potential voters in 2022, including many members of the New American Majority — young people, women, people of color, and low-income people. We helped many new contacts complete voter registration through the mail and helped turn out voters through peer-to-peer texting.

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Our Solutions

Civitech’s best-in-class toolsets are affordable and accessible

There shouldn’t be a trade-off between cost — in time, money, or effort — and the quality of voter or supporter engagement. It’s why our toolsets encompass the entire mobilization cycle: data solutions, outreach, and organizing.

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Let’s do big things together

Join the 500+ candidates, non-profits, and civic groups using Civitech to reach millions of voters across the US.

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