Register more voters with Civitech’s intelligent, trackable solutions

Civitech has built the most advanced and affordable direct mail program to identify and engage unknown voters — then register and get them to the polls.

More than 10 million voters reached on behalf of campaigns and organizations

Civitech’s end-to-end approach has earned the trust of groups across the US looking to reach voters in every single state.


How Civitech voter registration works

We work with you to execute a best-in-class, end-to-end, direct-mail campaign that meets your strategic goals.

Features include: 

  • Unique data targeting
  • Mail prefilled voter registration applications
  • Mail and voter registration application tracking
  • Follow-up text chase
  • Customized insert design and messaging

Real results for nonprofit organizations and campaigns



SMS open rates

9.6 M

Voter Registration and Vote-by-Mail Mailers Sent

49 M

Potential Voters Identified

1.77 M

Voters Registered

Success stories

Rust Belt Rising
You Can Vote

Civitech and RBR worked together in 2020 to identify nearly 185,000 unregistered voters in Wisconsin and Michigan, states critical to winning the presidency. 

Rust Belt Rising

Rust Belt Rising Increases Registered Democratic Voters in Swing States

In 2020, Civitech and Rust Belt Rising worked together to identify nearly 185,000 unregistered voters in Wisconsin and Michigan, states critical to winning the presidency that also had candidates up and down the ballot. Our efforts resulted in 50,000 voter registrations and roughly 30,000 votes in 2020. In places like Wisconsin — where Joe Biden won the state by about 20,000 votes — adding these new voters to the process was invaluable.

Why register voters with Civitech?

Investing in registering and turning out voters will have a positive and cascading impact on future elections. Our solution has been battle-tested in every state and has helped millions of voters register and successfully cast a ballot. You need these voters to win, and we can help you make it happen. 

  • Affordable: Reach more voters for less
  • Trackable: Know where voters are at during every stage in the process
  • Hands-off: Our solution is end-to-end, saving precious resources for other activities
  • Precise: We help you use data to effectively target the audience you want to reach.

Let’s do big things together

Join the 500+ candidates, non-profits, and civic groups using Civitech to reach millions of voters across the US. 

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