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2020 Year in review

Our mission is to build solutions to reach today’s voters and empower tomorrow’s civic leaders. We spent this cycle developing new technology, collecting and enhancing political data, and sharing best practices across the ecosystem in order to help voters register, vote by mail, and get the information they need to show up to the polls.


In 2020, our core efforts were focused on:


Identifying those that are invisible to (or ignored by) traditional campaigning.


Accelerating voter registration and participation for every person, everywhere.


Democratizing costly political technology for candidates, campaigns and causes.


Reporting on our results to improve our collective methods, inform the ecosystem, and build a better future.

How did we do?

In collaboration with more than 100 partners and clients, our technology enabled millions of voters to participate in the electoral process for a fraction of the cost of traditional efforts. We are thankful to have been able to continue our work to make it easier (and safer) to participate in politics, run a successful campaign, and make a measurable impact.



Confirmed registrations (so far).

0.00 M

Registration statuses checked through a Civitech embed.

0.00 M

Registration forms mailed.


Vote by mail application requests.

More confirmed registrations than ever before

We identified more than 12 million voters who are unregistered or incorrectly registered nationwide. Many of these voters are in the most vulnerable communities that are hard to reach through traditional methods, especially when COVID restricted outreach efforts.

In collaboration with dozens of partners and clients, we were able to reach millions of these voters with easy to complete and shareable tools.



Confirmed registrations (so far).

0.00 M

Voters who checked their registration status.


Voters who requested a printed registration form through our embeds.


Voters directed to online VR Portals via our embed.

We went looking for those without a voice. We found more than a few.

Voters Reg. Mailers sent Reg. Rate
AZ 47,072 186,152 25.3%
GA 13,530 108,627 12.5%
IO 11,869 94,050 12.6%
MI 39,896 245,315 16.3%
MN 25,359 137,519 18.4%
NC 113,515 546,836 20.8%
OH 38,765 306,866 12.6%
PA 59,878 428,235 14%
TX 265,330 1,174,046 22.6%
WI 41,165 225,394 18.3%
Colored U.S. map displaying Voter Registration Rates per State

More postage-paid participation

Facing the threat of a pandemic, the shortage of polling locations  and often the means to get to one  voters needed a way to safely participate. That’s why we developed tools to make it easy for voters to request a vote-by-mail application.



Total vote by mail requests.


Requested vote by mail forms via email.


Voters directed to online VBM Portals via our embed.


Vote by mail applications requested by mail.

State by State breakdowns

A map of the United States with labels for requests by each state

Building for a better 2021

This cycle we organized even when we couldn’t always gather.

Our bedrooms became war rooms. Our screens became our clipboards. Our mailboxes became ballot boxes. And our kids became our data interns.

This cycle we turned challenging moments into civic momentum.

New voices ran for office and won. More people registered to vote than ever before. And even more people made it to the polls.

And this cycle we won where it matters most.

We couldn’t always show our faces but we made our voices heard. We couldn’t always knock doors, but we did keep the House. We didn’t always feel safe, but we organized to protect our neighbors — and the nation.

After a year of progress, we’re looking to the future…


Better Data & Modeling


Better Targeting


Better Shared Outcomes


Better Representation

Thanks to our partners and clients, we have all made a lasting impact.

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