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Mar 21 2024Blog Updates

Civitech supports abortion rights with recent legal action in Texas

Civitech stood alongside 40 Texas businesses to advocate for abortion rights by signing on to an amicus brief filed with the Texas Supreme Court in late 2023 in support of the plaintiffs in the Zurawski v. Texas case.

Civitech recently joined together with fellow Texas-based businesses to fight against the abortion restrictions in the state and highlight the economic damage the restrictive laws have created. Along with Bumble, Inc. and dozens of other businesses, Civitech signed an amicus curiae brief filed with the Texas Supreme Court. 

Amicus curiae is Latin for “friend of the court,” and amicus curiae briefs are filed by a person or organization that’s not a direct party in a legal case, but has additional relevant information or arguments for the court. The purpose is typically to show the court that the ruling will impact others besides the direct parties. 

In January 2024, representatives from Civitech attended the Reed Smith Reception in Austin, Texas, to recognize fellow supporters of the Zurawski v. Texas amicus brief. We are proud to stand by companies that recognize the state’s restrictions on access to health care are bad for families, businesses, and the Texas economy.

Participating in this amicus brief is essential as we’ve seen abortion rights become increasingly restricted across this country. After the Texas legislature passed S.B. 8, Civitech acted quickly to provide its employees and their families with coverage for travel and abortion care. Civitech was featured in the New York Times, Reuters, and Forbes following this action.

We will continue to support initiatives that promote the well-being of Texans and pregnant people across the country. 

Learn more about the amicus brief here.

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