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Jun 24 2022Press

Civitech Stands Up for Reproductive Rights, COO Quoted in National Press

Civitech’s Chief Operating Officer Sarah Jackel was recently quoted in the New York Times about employer assistance for abortion services.

As a Texas-based small business, Civitech added a policy last year — after the Texas legislature passed S.B. 8 — that covers the cost of travel for our employees and their partners who are in a state where abortion is not accessible and must travel to receive abortion care. In 2021, Jackel was quoted by Reuters about the policy, and Civitech was mentioned in a Forbes article about it. 

Civitech has proudly signed onto the 2022 Don’t Ban Equality coalition statement to acknowledge the negative business, economic and human impact of overturning Roe v. Wade. Civitech was one of the first businesses to sign on to the “Don’t Ban Equality in Texas” statement in 2021, joining other employers like Yelp, Lyft, and Ben and Jerry’s in opposition to Texas’ near-total ban on abortion.

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