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More and more voters are choosing to vote by mail. In most states, voters must fill out a form to request their ballot, a process that often ends up discouraging voters from requesting their ballot because they lack guidance on how to fill out their state’s form or a home printer to physically print it.

Expanding access to mail in voting increases turnout. If you want to see a maximum number of voters cast their ballots, helping voters apply to vote by mail is an important step.

Create a Seamless Website Experience with the Civitech VBM Tool

Our embeddable technology leads your site visitors through a user optimized workflow, allowing them to request a VBM ballot using the method that works best for them:

  • Online (if they are eligible)
  • Via email or fax (if permitted by their state)
  • By having their form printed and mailed to them
  • By downloading and printing their own form with instructions on how to complete it
The Print + Mail Solution

Civitech offers one of the only VBM tools that prints and mails voters their form, with a postage-paid return envelope, enabling voters unable to sign up digitally to complete the process at no cost to them. Voters who historically face the highest barriers to voting are the most likely to have to print and mail a paper application (due to lack of necessary ID to register online) and the least likely to have a home printer and other means to do so.

Sophisticated Tracking & Chase

Voters who avoid having to download and print their own form because we print and mail it to them are at least 3 times as likely to successfully sign up to vote by mail. This is because we use sophisticated barcode technology to track mailed applications. We know where each application is at any given time, enabling our clients to do targeted chase and maximize conversion.

Better Information

Our technology also informs users of eligibility requirements, key deadlines, and will even help unregistered or incorrectly registered voters update their information prior to requesting a VBM application.

VBM is a good investment.

Whether you reach eligible voters by mail, text, email, or social media, Vote by Mail is a strategic play.

Remove Barriers

VBM has the potential to increase turnout amongst voters who struggle to make it to the polls.

Get In Front of Voters Now

VBM mailers can kick your campaign back into high gear.

Build a Resilient Campaign Strategy

VBM allows you to build a turnout plan that helps insulate you from the ups and downs of the news cycle. Your voters have access to their ballot regardless of future waves.

Turnout Increases

In 2020, we saw a 2% increase in turnout, from 11 percent to 13 percent, from using Civitech’s VBM vs. other methods.

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