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You Can Vote
Oct 10 2020Success Stories

You Can Vote Takes Voter Registration Digital During COVID-19 Pandemic

You Can Vote teamed up with Civitech to make their voter registration program digital in 2020. You Can Vote pushed folks to Civitech’s embed at more than 200 online university presentations and through events and phone banking. Together, we reached 7,876 voters and helped them get the resources they needed to show up at the polls.


You Can Vote is a grassroots coalition working to inform citizens of their right to vote and to help navigate eligibility and requirements. You Can Vote works to educate, register, and mobilize all persons eligible to vote in North Carolina.


Prior to 2020, You Can Vote ran in-person education and registration programs. When the pandemic sent everyone inside, You Can Vote was forced to completely rethink their approach to reaching North Carolina voters.


You Can Vote teamed up with Civitech to take their registration program digital. Starting in June 2020, You Can Vote rebuilt their outreach program around the Civitech voter registration embed, and then kicked off a series of innovative initiatives to drive voters to it.


  • Partnered with the Carolina Panthers to hold a couch party on National Voter Registration Day where hundreds of college students texted their peers, resulting in our largest one-day total for registration checks.

  • Partnered with local organizations and businesses to display signs, posters, and information cards with QR codes for the embed.

  • Redirected volunteers into remote phone and text banks to encourage folks to check and update their registration via the embed, including follow-up emails and texts to phone contacts with the link.

  • Directed students to check their registration on it at over 200 online presentations at colleges across the state.

  • Used tablets that could be sanitized after each use to provide voter registration at food distributions across the state to reach folks who might not otherwise have access to an online tool.


After 5 months, The You Can Vote team was really excited about the results they saw. They were able to reach voters who are traditionally left out of the voting process, and help them get all the resources they need to show up to the polls.

  • 761 Voters who requested a printed registration form through our embeds

  • 1,717 Voters directed to online VR Portals via our embed

  • 5,398 Voters who checked their registration status

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