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Dec 18 2023Blog Updates

Civitech's Holiday Wishes for Democracy in 2024

Every December, Civitech employees share their wishes for democracy for the new year. As we gear up for 2024, some members of the Civitech Team shared their holiday wishes for democracy in the coming year.

The Civitech Team is ambitious this year with wishes ranging from reducing the barriers to run for office to re-enfranchising silenced voices. We are eager to make these wishes a reality in 2024. Read some of our employee wishes below!

"Did you know that in Mississippi, if you write a bad check for $100 and are convicted of a felony, you lose your right to vote forever? My holiday wish is that we continue to see advancements in the fight to restore voting privileges to the returning members of our community, to re-enfranchise formerly incarcerated people with the foundational right that so many before us have fought to protect and expand." 

- Nisa Ihsan Dang, Sales and Partnerships Manager

“I wish for a future where our nation finds common ground to address pressing issues. Through collaboration and inclusivity, we can work toward a balanced society where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.”

- Angel Calvas, Application Developer

“Now is the time to fight for democracy. This is not the year to be apathetic. I want all Americans to see what is at stake this year and, in their own way, work towards a fair and equitable democracy for all. My wish for democracy is for voter engagement and civic participation to grow like never before. I am grateful to be a part of that movement at Civitech.”

- Teisha Garrett, Vice President of Marketing

“In 2024, I wish for more candidates who look like and have shared lived experiences with their constituencies to both run for office and win their elections so that our governments can become more representative of the people they serve. I hope parties and organizations continue to reduce the barriers to running for office and find ways to make the process easier to understand so more people are encouraged to run in their communities.” 

- Theresa Bucci, Vice President of Product

“As we welcome 2024, let's work toward a New Year where more people feel compelled to engage and support their local communities, to do a term of service as an elected or appointed official focused on helping their neighbors, and to foster an environment where all of us can unite to build a better future for our children. Happy New Year!”

- Jeremy Smith, CEO

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