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Mar 16 2021Press

Civitech’s Acquisition of Alloy Featured in Axios Article

Civitech was recently featured in an Axios article about acquiring progressive data startup Alloy. The data and technology firm aimed to modernize the Democratic Party’s data operation by creating a comprehensive voter file. By acquiring Alloy, Civitech is even better positioned to provide tools and technology to candidates and parties at all levels, as well as nonprofit organizations. 

Civitech CEO Jeremy Smith was quoted in the article saying that the data will help democratize more campaigns down-ballot across the country. "We think this is still an election year," he told Axios. "There are over 105,000 elections on 109 unique days this year."

The data file and tools provide a complement to the DNC’s Democratic Data Exchange (DDEx for short). 

" ‘We are absolutely not competing with the DNC,’ says Smith. ‘We have an existing relationship and partnerships with them.’ Smith says he sees Civitech as a tool provider to the DNC, which he says now really owns the centralized hard data set that will be used by most Democratic campaigns.”


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