Our NEW product RunningMate is live and ready to change the game for campaigns forever.

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Apr 16 2024Press

Civitech releases affordable political tech platform for 2024

Our NEW product RunningMate is live and ready to change the game for campaigns forever.

AUSTIN, Texas — Civitech announced today the release of RunningMate, an affordable political technology platform that allows candidates across the U.S. to run efficient and data-driven bids for public office.

Every four years, 500,000 elected offices are on the ballot across the United States. Most organizations that support progressive and Democratic candidates have only focused on a fraction of them in the biggest districts with the most resources. A lack of investment has left down-ballot candidates across the country without the tools or support they need to succeed.


RunningMate gives users access to the voter file with easy-to-use and interactive maps. The maps provide campaigns with enhanced search tools that make large datasets accessible to non-technical users.

“In the primary, RunningMate gave me the resources I needed to turn out my most likely voters. Without them, I would have been flying blind,” said Brett Robinson, candidate for House District 130 representing parts of Harris County, Texas.

RunningMate allows political candidates of all sizes to break down their voter outreach into small, achievable goals and tackle their win number one step at a time. The platform helps candidates and campaign staff understand their district, chart their path to victory, and reach the voters they need to win.

The platform includes features like Goal Tracker, where users can identify and tag supporters and monitor progress toward goals in real-time. Users can also see data for potentially unregistered voters in their district, giving them candidates and aligned organizations the opportunity to register new Democratic voters in every community across the country.


Civitech created RunningMate to be affordable for races of all sizes, especially focusing on local candidates. Subscriptions start at only $75 per month.

“Serving in public office should be accessible to everyone, and elected officials should look like the communities they serve. RunningMate makes it possible for candidates up and down the ballot to succeed and represent their communities. The platform creates more opportunities for folks to run winning data-driven campaigns for office without hiring high-paid consultants or raising an eye-popping campaign budget. We are proud that RunningMate helps move the progressive ecosystem closer to that goal,” said Jeremy Smith, Civitech CEO.

Over one hundred organizations, from school board races to county parties, used RunningMate during its closed beta phase. Using their feedback, Civitech will explore and potentially add new features to the roadmap, such as empowering teams to collaborate within the tool, canvassing, and budgeting.

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