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Photo of CEO Jeremy Smith and The Great Battlefield Logo
Oct 17 2022Blog Updates

CEO Jeremy Smith on the Great Battlefield Podcast

Jeremy Smith returns to The Great Battlefield podcast to talk about growing Civitech, the state of voter registration, and what his plans are for the future of the company. 

The Great Battlefield podcast serves as a platform for host Nathaniel G. Pearlman to talk to progressive political leaders, thinkers, entrepreneurs and technologists, and others who are working on protecting and improving our democracy.

Jeremy shares that Civitech is focused on overcoming voter suppression through tools and tactics, not through laws and policies. We are continuing to expand democracy by helping more people vote and run for office. 

In the podcast, Jeremy also discussed Civitech’s goal to help run good campaigns not only at the national level but at the local level. Civitech hopes to help progressives compete for every seat.

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