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Apr 12 2024Press

CEO Jeremy Smith Appears on Freedom Over Fascism Podcast

Civitech CEO Jeremy Smith was recently featured on the Freedom Over Fascism Podcast.

Democrats need the right data and toolsets to reach voters in 2024 and beyond.

Hear Civitech CEO Jeremy Smith’s rundown of how we can help Democrats across the country in his recent podcast interview with Stephanie Gerber Wilson, PhD from the Freedom Over Fascism podcast.

The two discussed the importance of contesting every state and local race, what it takes to find the unregistered voters in an area and get them registered, and the importance of investing in local volunteers and community members, plus many more important topics.

The Freedom Over Fascism podcast is hosted by historian, comms consultant, and activist Dr. Stephanie Gerber Wilson, who investigates what it takes to rebuild power and freedom for people in MAGA-captured states. 

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