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Why Voter Registration Matters

New voters are on the rise

1 in 8 voters in the 2018 midterms were first time voters — that’s an important new audience

Swing voters are declining.

Voters are far less willing to switch voting behavior between elections, increasing the importance of registration and turnout.

Unregistered voters are not on the voter file.

This leaves you with an incomplete view of your audience and thousands of voters you can’t target

Investing in Voter Registration Pays Dividends

Voter registration can run alongside voter contact methods you’re already utilizing for a marginal additional cost, or even none at all:

Smart campaigns and causes are crowdsourcing thousands of dollars to pay for voter registration and chase efforts, while building trust and credibility in their community, and reaching the voters they need to win.

Voter Registration by Civitech.

CampaignOS maintains the largest, and most comprehensive list of unregistered voters in the country. The CampaignOS Unregistered Voter Database powers the solutions we provide to help you zero in on the voters you need to win your race:

Targeted Mail

Take a proactive approach to registration by mailing pre-filled registration forms (with free return postage) to unregistered likely supporters. Track form completions end-to-end and increase your voter universe.

VR Embed

Embed a user optimized registration workflow onto your site that allows visitors to check registration and get registered. We offer the only solution with print + mail built in for  the tens of millions of voters in states without online voter registration, or voters who lack necessary ID in states with online registration. Track form submissions and mailers end-to-end.

Field & Reporting

Reach voters in the field with an easy canvassing app that identifies where unregistered voters are and allows volunteers to get them registered. Your volunteers will be able to clearly see the registration status of entire neighborhoods, and can record their interactions so that other volunteers don’t waste time knocking on the same doors.

Crowdfund Map

The cOS Crowdfund Fundmap shows registration goals and directly funds your campaign’s VR efforts. Share it through social media channels to engage with your constituents

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