Voter Registration

In 2020, our all-in-one tool registered over 800,000 of people to vote digitally, by mail, and in person.

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Why Voter Registration Matters

New voters are on the rise

According to Pew Research, 19% of 2020 voters didn’t vote in 2016 or 2018.

Swing voters are declining.

Voters are far less willing to switch voting behavior between elections, increasing the importance of registration and turnout.

Unregistered voters are not on the voter file.
This leaves you with an incomplete view of your audience and thousands of voters you can’t target.

The Right Solution to Overcoming the Barriers to Voter Registration.

From figuring out where and how to register, to having the right ID, to having a printer at home to print a form, millions of Americans encounter barriers that keep them from registering to vote.

Civitech offers a rare solution for voters; We will print and mail them their form with a postage-paid return envelope at no cost to them. In fact, Civitech tools have shown over a 68% conversion rate with print and mail compared to 20% with other similar tools.

Our Tools

Targeted Mail

Send pre-filled voter registration forms to potential targets. This makes it very easy for people to register and to overcome ID barriers to registering online that disproportionately impact voters of color, low-income and youth voters. We also use

USPS barcode technology to track mailed forms, allowing your organization to see in real-time who is registering and target your chase programs.

VR & VBM Tools

Civitech provides an embeddable tool that allows website visitors to check their voter registration, register online where possible, sign up to vote by mail, and download or have their pre-filled forms printed and mailed to them with instructions on how to fill it out with a postage-paid return envelope addressed to their election office.

Voter Registration Canvassing

The first step to registering voters is finding eligible, unregistered Americans. Our easy-to-use tool identifies unregistered voters by household. Volunteers and canvassers can use this data to visit homes where they know there are unregistered voters.


Civitech maintains the largest, and most comprehensive list of unregistered voters in the country. Our Unregistered Voter Database powers the solutions we provide to help you zero in on the voters you care most about

Civitech’s all-in-one VR & VBM tool increases turnout and helps break down systematic barriers to voting.

2020 Report

2020 In Review

We identified more than 12 million voters who are unregistered or incorrectly registered nationwide. Many of these voters are in the most vulnerable communities that are hard to reach through traditional methods, especially when COVID restricted outreach efforts.

In collaboration with over 100 of partners and clients, we were able to reach millions of these voters with easy to complete and shareable tools.

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