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There are over 500,000 elected offices in the US. Unfortunately, more than 70% of all races go uncontested.

Groups dedicated to recruiting, training, and supporting candidates are doing their best to change this, but they are often under-resourced, forced to rely on incomplete datasets, overburdened by data entry, and have to view data in fragmented formats.

In 2020:

16,004 elected offices didn’t have anyone on the ballot


25 Of the 1125 State Senator seats went uncontested


1 elected dogcatcher in the country (in Duxbury, VT as of 2018)

Introducing Recruiter

That’s why Civitech built Recruiter, a searchable, political data platform that allows nonprofits, campaigns, and committees to leverage data about all known elected offices and candidates in the United States.

With Recruiter you can:

View information about seats, incumbent officeholders, candidates, recruits, and more on a multi-level map

View up-to-date records of elected officeholders, seats, and candidates

Add records by individual or bulk import

Track your organizations recruits and trainees

See What Opportunities Lay Ahead

For the first time ever, see your data mapped in every district, everywhere. Our opportunity map gives you the ability to:


Switch between office levels


Color fill by party affiliation makes it easier to identify areas of opportunity


See recruits on the map


See the most up-to-date shapefiles as redistricting happens state-by-state

Changing the Face of Power At All Levels

Recruiter gives progressive and Democratic groups the power they have never had before, to contest every race in the country. This platform allows you to not only build a bench of strong, electable, and truly representative Democratic and progressive leaders, it allows you to use all the data you have amassed to:

Find Information Quickly

Discover details on elected officeholders, offices, and candidates at your fingertips

Work from one central source of information

House your team’s data in one central repository.

Identify areas of opportunity

Visualize data on a map to see where recruits, trainees, candidate and officeholders are.

Increase Funding

Communicate areas of opportunity more clearly with donors.

Share data across organizations

Access appended information from partner organizations.

Let's do big things together

Join the 100+ candidates, non-profits, and civic groups using Civitech to reach millions of voters across the US.