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Powerful Tools for the Modern Campaign

Our core platform includes a wide range of tools designed to help you gather information, allocate your resources, and take action.

Understand Your Landscape

Break your district down to the precinct level by voting history, turnout, registration rates, and more.

Identify Target Indicators

View voters, volunteers, donors, supporters and detractors house by house and filter based on important indicators.

Geography Based Fundraising

Mobilize supporters around attainable geography based fundraising goals.  Increase the number of individual donors and maximize average donation amount. 

Segment Contact Method by Targeting Voting Group

Maximize staff and volunteer resources by tracking which direct voter contact methods your voters respond to.

Measure What's Working

Consolidate metrics across all tools & platforms you’re using for a complete view of all fundraising, field, and communications data in real-time.


“Overall working with the Civitech team was great! We appreciate how they listen to our feedback and are constantly improving their processes and communication.”

Tareq Alani


“I really believe that the work of this team gives candidates the edge they need to win their races.”
Bill Bradley

U.S. Senator

Come Together, Right Now

Data Consolidation Across Today’s Leading Campaign Management Tools

Join the candidates, non-profits, and civic groups using CampaignOS to reach millions of Democratic voters across the US